A Newer, Sleeker MadHIP

A Newer, Sleeker MadHIP

We’ve dusted off our cobweb of a site and have fine-tuned the engine behind the scenes to unleash a sleek new look for the upcoming new year. Clients have asked us why our old site was out of date or had test pages pinned to the menu. The old site was more or less a live sandbox/test-bed that wasn’t updated very often, and truth be told, we’ve been so busy working on projects that we didn’t dedicate much time to our own site. Staying on top of the latest updates and changes to code, plugins, themes, and functionality was more important to us than keeping our blog or window dressing up to date. That’s all changing.

Moving forward we’ve decided to hide our sandbox from plain site and give our front end the love and respect it deserves. We promise we’re going to get better at that so everybody is happy.

Welcome to the newer, sleeker MadHIP web site.



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