Projects and Clients

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Geek Foundry

Geek Foundry offers a unique selection of games and hand-made (in Wisconsin!) gaming accessories in their online store. The site was built on a WordPress core and uses the WooCommerce cart software plugin to power the store’s product pages. Secure checkout is handled via a PayPal API and is fully PCI-compliant. Local sales tax is collected, reported, and automatically filed via a powerful third-party service plugin, and shipping information is automatically passed on to a credible service that offers commercial shipping rates–then updates the store’s inventory levels automatically once a package has shipped. (Full disclosure: Geek Foundry, LLC is owned and operated by Efrem R. Jasso, Co-Owner of MadHIP, LLC.)


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No Table Too Small

No Table Too Small is a promotional site for author Laura Titzer’s debut book by the same title. The client wanted an independent site to promote her book and post event listings such as book signings and other related events. The goal was to keep it simple and on a single page but simple doesn’t always have to mean plain! This site was a lot of fun to build and is one of my favorites, visually and functionally. The site features paralax background transitions and solid-colored background panels that really make the site jump off of the browser. Built on a WordPress core, this site and theme provide a boatload of utility as well as some really fun visual elements.


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The Food Coup

The Food Coup is home to author Laura Titzer’s blog and serves as an informational hub for her professional services. The client wanted to move off of Tumblr and onto a platform that would provide a strong foundation for growth and give her more freedom over how her site looks and operates. Built on a WordPress core and skinned with a robust theme, the site uses a unique side-loading navigation menu and utilizes some truly wonderful paralax headers for her blog posts.


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The SMITH BALUCH LLP client was looking for a contemporary web site that was very minimalist and not too flashy–yet would provide room to grow as their new intellectual property firm grows. The site was developed on a WordPress core platform and uses a toned-down version of a high-powered theme, packed with features ready to be integrated when the client needs them. The theme has a built-in responsive component making it easy to view via mobile devices.


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EQT by Design

EQT by Design was developed on a WordPress core platform and uses a modified parallax theme designed to include all of the client’s relevant information on one continuous page. The site is also responsive so it can be viewed on mobile devices without loss of visuals.


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Janice Lacy Music

The Janice Lacy Music site was developed for New Age artist Janice Lacy, on a WordPress core platform and uses a modified parallax theme. The site features embedded mp3 players showcasing the artist’s music.









Plan Z Diet

Plan Z Diet was developed on a WordPress core platform and uses a simple eCommerce system combining PayPal with a commercially licensed membership plugin to automate the processing and creation of user accounts on the Plan Z Members’ site, (see example below).









Plan Z Works!

Plan Z Works! is the member site component to Plan Z Diet. This site was also developed on a WordPress core platform and uses a commercially licensed membership plugin to automate the creation of user accounts at the point of purchase of the diet program. It features a custom search feature to work specifically with the site’s recipe archive and a full-featured user Forum. The site also houses a simple shopping cart that is tied into PayPal for ease of use for the client to update.









Sparque, Inc.

The Sparque site was also built on the WordPress core platform and was setup for ease of use to publish regular business blog articles and showcase the products and services that the company sells. It features a members-only content section where user accounts can be created to allow access to proprietary items and paid content.









Ignite Radio Sales Training

This site was built on the WordPress core platform (graphics created by another vendor) and features an interactive training program that uses a series of forms and quiz software to allow for participation in a six-week training program. The assignment forms and quizzes alert users and their managers to assignment results and also store all of the results in a searchable/downloadable database behind the scenes of the site.







Wisconsin Center for Performance Excellence
Liz Menzer, Executive Director

Major site overhaul and migration to WordPress core platform. Built-in event registration system and eCommerce tie-in for paid events. Client needed ability to easily maintain deep content site with multiple pages of applications, forms, and information about their certification process and program. Also provided extensive in-house training for staff to manage and maintain site.







Thrive / Something Special from Wisconsin

Greg Lawless, Director of Agriculture Initiatives

Pro bono web site content updates (text, graphics, videos, etc.).